„It was once drifting on the water…“

…there where boats full of sketches, paintings and stories. They comes and goes away, and the water changes as well….

This lightart project was designed as a co-working project for 1000 children from Amsterdam together with me.
Childrens artworks were developed like boats on a river, while I created the water with its own stories day by day in a new way. As the result we had a new artwork every evening, so that a total of 51 long friezes adorn the Hermitage of Amsterdam.

Boeckmanschool, Cl. 8b, 3. Dez.. 2017

In some workshops the children got informations from me about working with light on overheadprojectors (mirrors/ transparences/ overlapping images/ shadows and colors/ size ratio). I showed them possibilitys for the analog working with sand, scratching, paper, glas and transparent colors.
Equipped with this craft kit the kids had the opportunity to create there own images ore stories as a livepainting performance or as fixed lightpaintings….
And when the evenings are advanced, the prepaid images where changing in the boats from time to time, during the water was painted soon….